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About Innonet

Innonet and Biotechnology

Innonet Inc. is the pioneer of a fully Organic Active Agent of Chitosan and Herbal Oils Complex, with a wide range of applications in medical, health, and sanitary products, such as organic disinfectant and hand sanitizer; self-sanitizing PPE, and antimicrobial plastics, and textiles.

  • What is Innonet’s Organic Active Agent?

    “Chitosan and Herbal Oils” Complex is a fully organic active agent developed by the Innonet team for a wide range of applications, and products

  • What is Organic Antimicrobial Agent (or Active Agent)?

    A complex of organic or natural compounds with antimicrobial characteristics with the ability to act as an antimicrobial or active agent.

  • What is Organic?

    Organic or natural organic compounds have directly sourced from plants and animals within terrestrial, and aquatic environments.

  • What is Antimicrobial?

    Antimicrobial agents are compounds with the inherent ability to kill, destroy, or inhibit the growth of a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, funguses, molds, mycobacteria, etc.