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Our Products


Liquid form of Active Agent as Fully Organic Disinfectant, and Sterilant

Encapsulated Biopolymer form in Plastic as Self-sanitizing PPE (medical masks, face shields, gowns, etc.)

Antimicrobial pipes for Improving Drinking water quality delivered to Consumer.

Fully Organic hand sanitizer as Health Product.

Antimicrobial and Self-Sanitizing Textiles and Fabrics in Health and Medical Applications,

Liquid Form of Active Agent for Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizers,

Active Packaging films for food, drugs, and produces.

Biofertilizer and Bio Stimulant for Growth Enhancement of plants and trees.

Nanofiber form for Wastewater Treatments.

Antimicrobial Sanitary pad for minimizing Risk of internal infection for women.

Self-Sanitizing plastic for consumer Products with high-touching Instances by Humans such as Mobile cases, Credit Cards,etc.

Spray form of Liquid as Air Sanitizer and Air Freshner