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Our platform technology

Chitosan And Herbal Oils Complex

Health Products

Used for the Management of Health or Consumed for better Personal Health, or for keeping people in good Health Conditions

Medical Products

Used in the Treatment, Mitigation, Diagnosis, or prevention of Diseases or Abnormal physical Conditions

Sanitizing Products

Used to Reduce or Eliminate Pathogenic Agents (such as Bacteria) on Surfaces

Other Products

Biofertilizer and Biostimulant for Growth Enhancement of Plants and Trees

About Innonet

The Pioneer of A Fully Organic Active Agent

Innonet Inc. is the pioneer of a fully Organic Active Agent of Chitosan and Herbal Oils Complex, with a wide range of applications in medical, health, and sanitary products, such as organic disinfectant and hand sanitizer; self-sanitizing PPE, and antimicrobial plastics, and textiles.

  • ?What is Antimicrobial

    Antimicrobial agents are compounds with the inherent ability to kill, destroy, or inhibit the growth of a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, funguses, molds, mycobacteria, etc

  • ?What is Organic

    Organic or natural organic compounds have directly sourced from plants and animals within terrestrial, and aquatic environments

  • ?What is Organic Antimicrobial Agent (or Active Agent)

    A complex of organic or natural compounds with antimicrobial characteristics with the ability to act as an antimicrobial or active agent

  • ?What is Innonet’s Organic Active Agent

    “Chitosan and Herbal Oils” Complex is a fully organic active agent developed by the Innonet team for a wide range of applications, and products

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Our Recent Projects

Antimicrobial pipes for improving drinking water quality delivered to consumer.

Encapsulated biopolymer form in plastic as Self-sanitizing PPE (medical masks, face shields, gowns, etc.)

Antimicrobial and Self-Sanitizing Textiles and Fabrics in Health and Medical Applications,

Antimicrobial Sanitary Pads and Diapers

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